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Aldeamento Turístico de Palmela

If you want to celebrate an event, Aldeamiento Turístico of Palmela pone at your disposal the Sado room, where you can organize any type of celebration: baptisms, weddings, anniversaries, meetings or exhibitions, among many others.

We offer you personalized services in a room with projector, DVD, air conditioning and coffee break with capacity for 60 people.


Simple, fast and effective. Hold a small event in our Sado room from 8 to 13 hours and from 14 to 19 pm.


We offer a wide variety of buffet tables to accompany your celebrations in the best possible way.

Seafood buffet table: Shrimps and white wine.
Buffet table of sweets: jelly, rice pudding, chocolate mousse, chocolate cake, pudding, cheese cake, apple pie, almond cake.
Cheese buffet table: Cheese table including Camembert, Palhais cheese, toast and homemade bread, among others. If you prefer other types of cheese, let us know in your reservation.
Buffet table of appetizers and sandwiches: ham and cheese sandwich, meat croquettes, shrimp patties and chips, among others.
Buffet table of fruit: Apple, kiwi, pineapple, papaya, mango and seasonal fruits.
Drink buffet table: Non-alcoholic beverages (soft drinks, juices and water) and with alcohol ( sweet wine, Carolans, beer, whiskey, Porto). You have also the option of including the Imperial Barrel. If you prefer other types of drinks, let us know in your reservation.